Keto Test Strips

Keto Test Strips

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Do you want to be absolutely sure of your ketone levels? Whether you are on the keto, paleo, atkins, diabetic or any low carb diet you need to be certain your ketone test results are accurate to have success. 

These strips make it easy for you to accurately monitor your ketosis levels in just seconds, so you can continuing burning fat and feeling amazing whether at work, home, the gym or just on the go. 

Use Ketosis Test Strips to track your level of nutritional ketosis throughout the duration of your keto diet. Start measuring progress within hours! Ketosis levels can be tested through your urine.

In A Nutshell
  • Easy Directions for Use
  • High Sensitivity Reading
  • Prove once and for all that your body is in Ketosis.
  • Works in seconds to give the most accurate reading of ketone levels.
  • The first weight loss program that you can actually see when it is working.

How Do I Use It?
Remove a single strip from the bottle and immediately replace the cap for freshness. Do not touch strip pad with your fingers. Put the strip pad in the urine stream for 1-2 seconds and remove immediately.  Wait up to 60 seconds.

Compare the color of the strip pad with the colors provided on the bottle. Once you have your results, consult your healthcare provider about further questions.

Keep strips away from direct sunlight and moisture. Replace cap immediately after each use. Use within three months of breaking bottle seal.